Red Tree Tattoo Studio

1002 N. 4th St.
Columbus OHIO 43201
United States

Rusty started tattooing in 1994, but quickly realized his apprenticeship was not with the right person. Without a lot of options for another apprenticeship, he stopped tattooing and went to art school where he focused on photography and design. For the next 15 years, he worked as an Art Director for a national company and also started a video production company on the side where he focused on documentary-style work. Most recently, he produced and directed the award winning Hell City documentary.

Throughout the years he never lost his love of the tattoo community. He continued to get tattooed and eventually decided to jump back into tattooing as an artist and get a proper apprenticeship. He moved to Columbus, Ohio and started apprenticing under Durb Morrison at RedTree Tattoo Gallery. While apprenticing with Durb, he also worked as a manager for the Hell City tattoo Festival and True Tubes, designed and produced a fine art book for tattooer Kevin Stress called “Year of the Snake”, helped produce video content for Guy Aitchison’s Technique DVD set and started to produce ongoing video content for Tattoo Magazine.

Since finishing his apprenticeship, Rusty has been a full time artist at RedTree Tattoo Gallery focusing on a variety of styles including B&G, biomech and American traditional. For an appointment or consultation with Rusty, you can email him at