nickolai hanna
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112 meadville St
Edinboro PENNSYLVANIA 16412
United States

My name is Nickolai Hanna. I have been tattooing now for just about 20 years. Growing up in & around the industry, art, and design... kinda was inevitable to end up in this career that I love so much!!!!

Traveling from east coast to west coast, guest spotting in big and little shops all over. Soaking up the industry from every aspect, and learning from great artist on the way.Those shops were great to work at, meeting talented artist from all walks of life. But in 2004 I found my home in Edinboro, just south of Erie,Pa. A great middle marker for clients from Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Cleveland, where I spent a lot of time guest spotting at various shops.

Located in a state college town (Edinboro University of Pennsylvania), the store reflects my take on the modern change of the industry. A comfy and friendly environment, but most of all ....professionalism.

I have had the honor to be trained in several styles of tattooing. From Traditional, New School (color bomb) ,Black and grey (Portrait ), color ,and line design. But what has made me become a well known artist, along with being known for my very detail pieces of work & my cover-ups. I love a good challenge and love taking on what most can't and wont.

My style is my own, using my background in Fine Arts Painting. I consider myself very much like a Pallet artist. With any piece done by me you are sure to get not only a very wicked tattoo, but piece of art work. I take on lots of different kinds of tattoo's, from the small dime size tattoo to the full sleeve/full-back or body suit. No tattoo is to small or to big.