Aaron Beaudette

Eternal Tattoo Fremont NE

31 West 6th St
Fremont NEBRASKA 68025
United States

"My name is Aaron Beaudette. I’m a 30 year old tattoo artist and shop owner. I’ve always had an interest in art my entire life. I entered the field of body modification as a piercer at Eternal Tattoo in Columbus, NE. After piercing for about three years I wanted more artistic freedom and took on a two and a half year tattoo apprenticeship at Eternal Tattoo. I’ve been tattooing for three years now and I really enjoy giving people tattoos that they are happy with. I definitely enjoy photorealism with bright, vivid colors the most. I believe there is always room to improve. The day you forget that is the day you should stop tattooing. My future goals are to expand my current shop, and to add new locations. I am also working toward having a stronger presence in the convention circuits, Both in America, as well as overseas."