Angel Galindo

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Angel Galindo

Las Vegas NEVADA 89130
United States

Angel Galindo has been a tattoo artist since 2004, while continuing to study the art of tattooing at conventions and seminars & on his own to refine & enhance his technique for creating your one-of-a-kind tattoo. He believes you never stop learning to create memorable and lasting art.

Growing up in northern California Angel has been drawing & painting since he was a child & although he has worked in other industries, he’s always had an interest in tattooing, especially portraits and realistic black and grey tattoos. He is committed to making the experience of getting a tattoo a safe & guided one while offering unique, high quality renderings that redefine body art.

Every tattoo is custom art that is worked up on paper & agreed upon by everyone before ink is put to the skin. While working with Angel you will be treated as if you are his only client as all of his attention will be focused entirely on you and the tattoo you desire.

Angel will treat you as if your skin is HIS skin & he expresses that personalized connection through every action that he takes, from the way that he greets his clients to the tools & cleanliness he employs. Angel’s atmosphere is relaxing & calming, because of the great rapport & trust he builds with his clients.