Frank LaNatra

138 North Federal Highway
Dania Beach FLORIDA 33004
United States

Artist Statement

             I grew up fascinated by animated films and imagery and how they surpassed all boundaries set by reality. This guided my imagination to do the same. I try to hold on to the vivid and wild imagination of my youth, as seen through the jaded eyes of adulthood. There is something powerful about the moment when our innocence is lost.

  These occurrences of unease and realization are the exact moments in time I strive to capture in my art. There is an instant attraction to the bright, bold, and vivid imagery I use that appeals to one’s inner child. However, under close observation, repulsive, aggressive and tragic emotions are revealed.

  There are times when I re-create the same image on different substrates. I first create an image with oil on canvas and then apply that image on human flesh as a tattoo. The same image has a completely different effect on the viewer according to whom or what it is displayed on. The different substrates create an attraction /repulsion dichotomy that brings the art to a whole new level.