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6230 US Hwy. 49
Hattiesburg MISSISSIPPI 39401
United States

BILL EARL = Intelligense /Disapline /X-Treme /Profreshional / RuggedAmerican / Workhard-Prayhard-Wakeuphard USA.

In 2005 I started tattooing soon after securing a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts. My focus was in Graphic Design & Painting, and I am happy to be using these skills daily for over a decade making tattoos. Tattoo is a job & a passion, and I work diligently to continue to do good work and provide a top-notch service to my clients.
-- Big Mojo Tattoo - Indiana, PA - Tattooer 2005-2009
-- Tattoo Noir - Pittsburgh, PA - Tattooer 2009-2012
-- The New Bohemian - (tattoo studio/ gallery/ venue/ artists space) - Pittsburgh, PA - Tattooer/ Business Owner 2012-2015
-- 10th St. Tattoo - Pittsburgh, PA - Guest Artist - September-November 2015
-- Lady Luck Tattoo - Hattiesburg, MS - Artist - January 2016-present

My name is Bill Earl & I have been tattooing for over 10 years in Pittsburgh, PA and abroad. I've been a musician for over 20 years & it is impossible to mention my love of tattoo art without mentioning the constant inspiration I find in music; particularly in the guitar, and the art of rock n' roll. My drawing style is largely influenced by my favorite music, punk, heavy metal, blues, album & poster art, skateboard graphics, comic books, and various forms of printmaking and design-making throughout history. I have a deep respect and adoration for all schools of tattoo, old & new, and very little makes me happier than applying a great new design on a truly satisfied customer. I have been fortunate to be able to travel and play my guitar & do my tattoos in various states and countries and I intend to keep at it.

~I am currently settled in 1,000 miles south of my Pennsylvania roots in the birthplace of rock n' roll; Hattiesburg, Mississippi, at the lovely 'Lady Luck Tattoo' where I've been busy making tattoos for over a year with some of the best folks I've met in the industry.

Before leaving Pittsburgh, I owned and operated an art gallery, music venue, and my private studio, 'The New Bohemian' LLC. What an amazing experience it was to host a variety of live art & music events for 4 years in a stunning ex-church built in 1900. I made some of my best custom tattoos in the back room where the altar boys would get ready for mass 100 years ago. :o As beautiful and inspiring as my daily workspace was, with the cathedral ceiling and ornate architecture, I became more inspired to hit the highway and take my brand of art on the open-road in order to further my art education through travel, and hopefully find some adventures in the process.

I am content here working now in the heartland of America's music, taking in the rich history and culture that Mississippi offers to a music fanatic like myself. I am motivated to further my career here in the Hub-City in both audio & the visual arts. What began as a blind roadtrip has proven to be a great professional move, and there is no lack of creative influence here. I look forward to more travel & adventure in the southern states in the great country of USA and beyond! {{ :)

--BILL EARL (Mississippi blues-punk-road-warrior. Ooze blüz. Urban-cuntry.)

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