Bombshell Tattoo Studio

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Bombshell Tattoo Studio

4020 SE 14th St
Des Moines IOWA 50320
United States


Bombshell Tattoo Studio was opened by Ryan Anderson, Aaron Duncan, and Derek Hutchison in late December of 2011. Ryan and Derek have been tattooing for multiple years in Des Moines and Aaron has put in time both in Iowa but in Texas as well. All three artists take pride in not only being tattoo artists but genuine artists with their own amazing styles and promise that you will walk out with an incredible piece of living, breathing art. Bombshell Tattoo is a large tattoo and piercing studio with a sterile, inviting, and open atmosphere where everyone is welcome, questions are answered, and customer service is their priority, coming in second only to the quality of work they create. Stop in and check out their portfolios, schedule some time to get a consultation, or just pop in to check out the setup. You will not be disappointed!