Brian Martinez

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Brian Martinez

Club Tattoo San Francisco

Pier 39 - Beach Street & The Embarcadero
San Francisco CALIFORNIA 94111
United States

Professional  Licensed Tattoo Artist in San Francisco.

I was born and raised in  Montevideo-Uruguay in 1984.
From an early age I liked to draw from observation, bringing as much of the real world into my drawings as possible.
I got my first tattoo back in Uruguay at the age of 13, but didn’t start tattooing until I was 24 years old.
By that time I was living in South Florida, and had over 100 hours of tattoo work done on my body throughout many cities.
While getting tattooed, I had the opportunity and privilege to watch and learn from many Tattoo Artists who had different styles, over the course of my extensive sittings.
Realism is the style of Tattooing that  I enjoy working with the most.
Like in my early age drawings, I really enjoy replicating real-life images, particularly Portaits.
I break down the visual information in a Photo that allows me to replicate it onto my clients skin.
I also like doing 3D Tattoos.  Not only replicating a Photo, like I would with a Photo Realistic Tattoo, but also giving volume and shape to any Idea or Design.
Doing this without using outlines, I primarily push shapes using strong contrast in color and value, making  the Tattoo truely 3D.
I use stencils for Portraits, to get perfect guide lines, but I like to Free Hand a lot of my pieces when I can to make sure the design fits as naturally as possible.
Four years after my Tattoo Career began, I now have the pleasure to be working at Club Tattoo in San Francisco at Pier 39, California.
Along with many great artists, in an amazing Tattoo Shop on Pier 39.