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Brian Munoz
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Artistic Behavior Tattoo

1287 Glenwood Ave SE
Suite C
Atlanta GEORGIA 30316
United States

My name is BRIAN MUNOZ I'am 29 years old. I was born in Pereira, Colombia. Now I live in Kennesaw, GA USA. I started tattooing in early 2008. I taught myself the first three years while I tried to land an apprenticeship. At the time it was difficult to find one, this was because of the economy crash in 2008. The journey has not been as pretty as I make my tattoos look, but I kept practicing and I never gave up. I always saw room for improvement and kept pushing more knowledge. I studied tattoo flash, tattoo magazines, tattoos references really anything I can get my hands on at the time. I would also go the local tattoo events to network and connect with others artist about our passion for tattoos. I realized I had a lot to learn, in fact everyday has been a learning experience for me. The first foot through the door I got working at Sacred Heart Tattoo in Little Five Points from 2013-2017. There I learned a lot about technique, I also got a chance to build a better portfolio. I'am very grateful for the opportunity and the freedom my clients give me as an artist. I specialize in black and grey realism and surrealism. My work is a mix blend between soft black and grey, fine line, and black work depending what you want. I love working on portraits, surrealistic scenes, anything that involves that creative freedom to do an original tattoo. I dedicate most of my time to family, drawing & painting, tattooing, and to positive vibes.