Catherine Fritz

21820 S. Ellsworth Rd. #102
Queen Creek ARIZONA 85142
United States

My name is Catherine Fritz aka Blueyes aka Cathy aka Cat

I come from a military family.
I’m originally from North Carolina but I’ve lived in Arizona most of my life.

I’ve been drawing and sketching my whole life.
Thanks to my big brother, I started out doing “prison style” tattoos as a kid, he made a homemade machine and that was all it took.

I feel that body art is just that, art.

God gave us a canvas so why not decorate ourselves, ya know.

I have Been Slingin’ ink “Professionally” since 1998, Not so “Professionally” since 1993, Ear Piercing’s since 1993, Body Piercings since 2005, and I’ve Been Drawing, Creative and Artistic… All My Life.