Champion Grubbs
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Guru Tattoo Little Italy

2504 State Street
San Diego CALIFORNIA 92101
United States

Champ was born in Los Angeles in 79. Around 82 his parents took him to a Mountain town in Idaho called Hailey near a famous ski resort Sun Valley. He grew up hiking the mountains in summer and boarding down them in winter with his friends. After traveling around the South Pacific he moved to Boise to attend college. Apprenticing under Sean Wyett at Black cat Tattoo Champ learned the skills of custom tattoo design and application. Champ decided it was time to return to Southern California and become a surfer. Now he tattoos at Guru Tattoo and couldn't be happier. His work is very versatile and encompasses many genres including realism, surrealism, illustrative, black and gray, full color, and even some traditional. In 2015 Champ wants to work with more Mandala patterns and dot work. Hindu, buddhist and south east asian art really gets his excitement going when it comes to tattooing. Visit for more examples of his work.