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DSI Customs
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3415 Ryan St
Lake Charles LOUISIANA 70605
United States


DSI Customs was originally established in 2005.

We create custom art that is a very personal adaptation of the customer's vision.

Our Red Cross and American Heart Association Certified (CPR First Aid Crossborn Pathogens AED) and insured tattoo artists make every customer feel as comfortable as possible in our hospital grade sterilized environment. Everything that we use is a one-shot-deal. Our tubes and needles are specially made at the highest standards of our industry. Our entire studio and all of our equipment is cleaned to hospital standards and are approved by the department of health and hospitals. Hospital presteriliztion is required for all tools.

DSI Customs uses only the best organic ink. Which is why we are the only shop that guarntees our work for life. Complete touchups are free as long as discolorization is not caused by salt water damage, chlorine, sunburn or any aftercare product that is not ours. Our organic vegan ointments, lotions and solutions are the only aftercare products that we endorse.

That is why DSI Customs is the next Standard in the tattoo, and custom art industry.