House Of Pain
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22 holiday rambler #300
United States


Hello I am Frank Walker (Frankie Bonze) , I own House of Pain Tattoo & Piercing in Byram Ms. I am currently all over the dirty south! Call me for appt. info 601-321-9040.

Business Hours

12pm-9pm Mon-Thurs

12pm-11pm Fri & Sat,

Closed Sun


Born in Baton Rouge, LA, Frankie Bonze has always had the ability to create beautiful art. "I love art. Art is one thing that no one can take from me." Since he was a young child , he used drawing as a way to release. " Drawing is my way of communicating with the world. My tattoos will be here long after I'm gone." In 1991, he got his first tattoo of a taz manian devil holding a beer. " Funny ...thing is, at the time I didn't even drink beer, but i was in the Army and it seemed like the right thing to do. It's covered now." He started his apprenticeship in 1996 under Chris Sims at Clan of the Red Claw . "I was taught that you shouldn't be in a hurry to fuck somebody up. Take baby steps, don't start off with nothing that you can't handle, and master small solid black before you do big color." "The tattoo industry has changed a lot since I have started tattooing. New inks, machines, and a real explosion of the art all around the world, so I try to stay up to date with other shops around the world and with new products and sterility." Still learning everyday, Frankie gathers his knowledge from all of the shops that he has been to and the artists he has met over the years he has been tattooing. "Watch, listen, and learn." With a very versatile style, color is definitely his strong point. "Achieving total saturation and a solid crisp line, in my style, is the most difficult thing to do. " Having a firm belief in an old dog can always learn new tricks, every now and then he still makes a phone call asking for guidance and direction. " Nikko Hurtado, Brandon Bond, Dave Tedder, and Rooster are a few of the masters that have a big influence in his art. " Nikko Hurtado does some amazing realism and color. Realism is one of the hardest styles to accomplish, to me. Brandon Bond, Dave Tedder , and the whole crew at All or Nothing, this crew does amazing work and color. I've pretty much molded my style from their influence of work. With a good combination of realism and crazy colors, Rooster from Prick Tattoos & Gabe Smith from Hula Moon , both do some sick work and also have had a great influence on me." Every artist pulls from his or her own environment and life struggles. Frankie is a dedicated, eccentric, and open minded artist who tries to hold on to the basics but breaks down barriers every day. He appreciates doing any big piece that flows with the body contours, curves and muscle structure. "I really enjoy doing big pieces, especially when you are far away from someone and there is no mistaking what it is." Owner of House of Pain Custom Tattoos and Piercings, Frankie Bonze is doing what he has always wanted to do. " I can not picture myself doing anything else. I love this shit. It's in my blood. I'm really passionate about my work and IF I was not getting paid for it, I would still do it. I love my career!"