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John Jenerou

4255 N Winfield Scott Plaza
Scottsdale ARIZONA 85251
United States

My name is John J. Jenerou I have been a tattoo artist for 16 years. I started my apprenticeship in 1996 at Superior lines Tattoo in Sault Ste. Marie MI. My love for tattoos started when I was 6 years old when my uncle who was a tattoo artist came to visit and drew tattoos on me with a felt tip pen. When my Sunday School teacher asked me what I want to be she had a fit when I told her a tattoo artist. I have worked other jobs but nothing compares to doing tattoos, I don’t work a day in my life when I’m tattooing.

I don’t think I’m better at one type of tattoo than another but I like to do tattoos that I draw for someone. I like to see how far I can get in their head and get the exact tattoo that they wanted for years but just couldn’t get it on paper on their own. The thing that I love the most about tattooing is how it becomes a common ground, they can make opposites into equals and make friends out of strangers.

My wife and three kids are the only thing that comes before tattoos. I live my life for them. Its tattooing that gives me the ability to make sure they have what they need in life.