Jonathan Wade
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Club Tattoo San Francisco

Pier 39 - Beach Street & The Embarcadero
San Francisco CALIFORNIA 94111
United States

My name is Jonathan Wade. I am originally from the central Pennsylvania are, I started tattooing in 2003, I love all styles of tattoo but seem to favor a more animated style. For me tattooing is a very personal experience. I enjoy the challenge of taking a customers idea and creating a piece of art that they will be proud to wear with them forever. There’s nothing better than that smile your customer gives you when he or she sees that tattoo for the first time in the mirror.

I also dabble in arts of many other forms. I paint in as many different mediums as I can get my hands on , oil, acrylic, and aerosol to name just a few. My art work is sold in galleries across the east coast a regularly participate in shows and conventions for both tattooing and the fine arts.

Life for me has been filled with a lot of joy, I have the best job I could ever imagine, stop by and let’s create that piece of body art magic you have been dreaming of.