Josh Stono

Club Tattoo Las Vegas

3663 Las Vegas Blvd South #225
Las Vegas NEVADA 89109
United States

Originally from central Ohio yet picked up tattooing in Las Vegas, Josh Stono is a self-taught Tattooer & has dedicated himself to the art form since 2004-2005ish.

Josh absolutely loves what he does for a living! He vows to never take it for granted & to strive everyday to better himself & his artwork.

Josh Stono is a VERY versatile tattoo artist. He prides himself on being able to execute almost all forms of tattooing & execute them well. Though his style does tend to lean more towards the Neo-Traditional style with Japanese influence. With particular focus on clean, sculpted line work, smooth blends, & bright colors with lots of contrast. No matter what style of tattooing you are looking for, feel confident that Josh will create a special work of art for you, leaving a smile on your face & a feeling of pride that your tattoo will stand the test of time!

Also, LETTERING or SCRIPT….He loves it!!! If you want a loved ones name or any quote or phrase tattooed on your body, Josh will be happy to customize something one-of-a-kind and just for you!! A script drawing will take him a few short moments so don’t hesitate to ask him to whip something up for you!! Lettering is one of his passions and he cherishes every time he gets to create something special right before your eyes!

Josh has always gone above & beyond for all of his clients. He caters to the visions & dreams they hold in their minds. He will consult you about your design of choice. He’ll show you options and ideas that you couldn’t picture on your own. Together, Josh along with his clients, will create the tattoo that the client has always pictured but couldn’t find!

Josh notes his artistic influences are extremely vast. Any and every person that he’s had the pleasure to work beside motivates him! He feeds off of their artistic abilities, work ethic & experience. He keeps himself humbled in a more & more not-so-humble industry. Never disrespecting his peers in the tattoo industry. Keeping an open mind to help further him & his abilities.

Outside of tattooing, Josh is a dedicated family man. Putting the party life aside to help his lady raise their two young sons, Dexter and Nixxin.

Josh would like to thank Sean and Thora Dowdell for bringing him into the Club Tattoo family and plans on being a staple at Club Tattoo for many years to come!

Outside of tattooing, I’m a family man with a beautiful woman by my side. Together we have a son who will be a very big 2 years old this July. Two doofy yet lovable dogs make up the rest of my clan.
Everything being said prior and the fact that I’m now a member of the Club Tattoo family….Life don’t get much better. I’m a very blessed man indeed.