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Im Jaka Jese grown in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 1982.
Two things I love doing in my life since my young age are visual arts and sports.

My greatest love is drawing things like comic characters, some manga and surrealism. I do a lot of work with ink on paper and under the skin :D. One of my inks was in Uincef art gallery, but that was when I was young.

Second love is Sankukai karate, a lot of rollerblading and other sports (snowboarding, skating, hiking, rock climbing, etc..). Now I do TaichiQuan, some Capoiera, snowboarding, and still rollerblading :), yoga and fun stuf.


Working in my studio, Salon Lučka in ljubljna mestni trg 10.

When I was 16 years old, I started tattooing. Trying to learn on my own I have done a lot of drawing basics, not so much skin puncturing. But in 2007 I got a fresh start in tattooing from Samo Bregar. He taught me the basics of tattoo business, proper way of tattooing, health care and everything I needed to know.

And now tattooing is my profession. :3 With all experience I have gained that are my strong foundation I am building my tattoo empire.