George 'Keoki' Davis

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George 'Keoki' Davis
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Perpetual Roots Tattoo

4790 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard
Suite 107
Norcross GEORGIA 30071
United States

Keoki was first exposed to the art of tattooing in 2001 by his best friend, and by 2005 the same friend had encouraged him to start his tattooing career. Without a guide, Keoki was hesitant to make this career change. However, once he gained the knowledge and understanding behind the culture of tattoos, the way he looked at tattooing evolved and his specialty became Polynesian designs. Keoki's reputation grew quickly, and with this growth came the realization that he was touching people's lives through his creations.

Ambitious to influence the world with his Polynesian craft, Keoki's passion brought him to California and Oregon, where he continued to work to perfect his skill. Eager to continue learning, he made guest appearances at shops across the nation; and within a few years, Keoki landed a full-time seat at Ink & Dagger, a tattoo studio outside of Atlanta, GA. Since then, Keoki's hard work has resulted in him achieving one of his life goals, opening up his own tattoo studio, Perpetual Roots Tattoo.

Keoki's biggest source of inspiration are his clients, their stories and their energy. Helping them find ways to represent their life story or journey is what motivates him.

He specializes in Polynesian designs and has worked on Polynesian fusions with: Black and grey Color Extruded / 3D images Asian designs. Keoki would love to invent new fusions in the future.

"Tattoos are an external representation of who and what we are".

Perpetual Roots meaning: Tattooing is perpetuating a culture of positive energy, love, and family orientation, for anyone from any background. Everyone has roots from somewhere, no matter the race. Perpetuating the positive in those roots and establishing the good nature in your roots creates a culture from your own growth.

Perpetual Roots tells a story.