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Krueger Tattoo

127 North Barstow Street
Eau Claire WISCONSIN 54703
United States

Born and raised in Wisconsin, brought into this world in 1981, married with two kids, and I've been a tattooer since 2007. I learned the trade by way of a traditional apprenticeship that took about a year and a half. I learned from a well versed and experienced tattooer, who now lives in parts unknown to me. I reside in Eau Claire, WI and tattoo out of a studio by the name of  A Brand New Tattoo.

I am heavily influenced by the traditional american tattoo style. That old, mixed with me, is the tattoo style that you see. You must be an artist before you are a tattoo artist. For the most part, everything that I do is hand drawn and one of a kind. I believe that whether you are a first timer or an avid collector, you deserve to be treated with respect and you deserve a one of a kind tattoo, drawn only for you. I don't use this industry as a hustle or as my own personal toilet. I love tattooing. It is VERY near and dear to me. I am very thankful to do what I do, and I work my ass off to push myself to be better. When you think you know everything about tattooing it's time to hang it up, cuz you don't know squat. 

I am always trying to learn how to be better. I've got a lot of passion and drive, I'm open minded, pretty funny, and willing to work with you. I appreciate you taking the time to check out my site, it means a lot to me.... have a good one and get ahold of me if you want a tattoo!!!!