Nathan Marti


Red Tree Tattoo Studio

1002 N. 4th St.
Columbus OHIO 43201
United States

I'm originally from Northeast Ohio, I moved to Columbus in 2012. I am currently tattooing at REDTREE TATTOO GALLERY, a private studio located at 1002 N. 4th st. Columbus, OH. I periodically travel country side and abroad attending tattoo conventions and doing guest spots.

I will take on any tattoo concept that I feel fits my style of tattooing. My tattoos are freehanded with markers and then tattooed. Majourity of my work is based on an organic structures and/or substance. I pull reference from nature and mix it with imagination while always trying to keep a balance between elegance and the decay.

If you have any inquiries about my work or would like to set up an appointment/consultation please email me at

Also feel free to keep updated on my most current work and travels through Instagram and Facebook:

Thanks for looking!