Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo

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Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo
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10450 Medlock Bridge Rd
Suite 111
Johns Creek GEORGIA 30097
United States


Once in a Blue Moon Tattoo has been established since January 2017 and is owned by Kerry & Heather Brown; married on a "blue moon." We are a 5-star rated, award winning tattoo parlor in Johns Creek, Georgia. We specialize in custom tattoos, where every tattoo is created just for you. We have extremely talented tattoo artists including Kerry Brown, Brianna Smith Robinson, Meobius, Kateryna Yakovenko, Hutch Hutchinson, Norman Bogiel, Ryan Shea, Jasmine Catalan and Courtney Bouvier. We have 4, wonderful professional piercers, Wikilea, Mia Massey, Kyle Sanchez & Raven. They use high grade titanium only for piercing and we also have plenty of gold jewelry options including fine jewelry upgrade options.

Tattoo Artists

Kerry Brown specializes in Neotraditional. Kateryna Yakovenko specializes in Black and Grey tattoos but is also incredible at fine line and portraits. Brianna Smith Robinson specializes in illustrative tattoos & Anime. Meobius specializes in black work. Jasmine Catalan specializes in feminine, fine line style tattoos. Courtney & Hutch both specilaize in bold color, traditional styles. Ryan Shea & Norman Bogiel specialize in a bit of every style, but they also loves Anime. They are both very diverse artists that can do everything! Each artist has their own style that fits every client's needs. Whatever tattoo style you are looking for, we gotchu :)

Body Piercing

Mia Massey & Kyle Sanchez are our professional body piercers. Here at OBMT we use only high grade, internally threaded titanium jewelry. We also sell aftercare as well, so you are taking care of your piercing properly at home. We are one of the top piercing shops in the State that sells fine jewelry for your beautiful, upgraded options.

Microblading / Permanent Makeup

Heather Brown is a licensed and permitted Esthetician, microblading artist, permanent make-up artist and tattoo removal technician.

We also have an art gallery, filled with fine art from local artists all around the state of Georgia.

Our goal as a business is to provide the utmost professional, enjoyable, clean and sterile experience to everyone who walks through the door!

Come see us and see what we can create for you!