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Randy Vollink
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The Tattoo Lounge

1130 W Grove Ave
Suite 112
Mesa ARIZONA 85210
United States

Hey there, it’s me Randy V. Just a little about me…. I have lived all over the world, including Germany. I am the product of a military family. I have always been into art, all my life. I like different forms of art, from stained glass to just recently acrylic paints. However, I believe my true calling was tattooing. I sleep, eat, and breathe tattoos. I have been a professional tattoo artist for about 12 years. I have participated in several conventions and won tattoo of the day in Milwaukee. I have also had several pieces printed in magazines. I don’t really specialize in any one particular type of tattoo but realism and animals are my favorite things to do. I love bright colors or black and gray pieces.

My Influences in the tattoo world are old timers like Jack Rudy, Philadelphia Eddie, and of course, Sailor Jerry. Also some other artists like Ron “Big Daddy” Meyers, Nikko Hurtado, Tom Renshaw and Mike Devries and many more.

If you have an idea for a tattoo, please do your own research. The internet is a great place to start. When searching through GOOGLE, change your settings in the top left corner of the screen to IMAGES. This will give you a million pictures to look through. Select several pictures and print them out in high quality. Then write on the back of the picture what you liked about it. (This will keep your thoughts in order) Bring all those pictures into me and I can create the original custom design, JUST FOR YOU!