Slingin Ink Tattooz

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Slingin Ink Tattooz

267 NC hwy 49 s
Asheboro NORTH CAROLINA 27205
United States


A locally owned and operated tattoo shop.So when you speak with one of our tattoo artist it wont just be someone here to make a paycheck, it will be someone who “Truly Lives to Tattoo” We enjoy what we do and enjoy the friends we’ve made over the years . WE ARE HERE TO STAY… AND EVERYONE INVOLVED HAS DONATED A LOT OF THEIR OWN PERSONAL TIME TO OPEN THIS STORE AND TO MAINTAIN A SUPER LOW OVERHEAD WHICH IN RETURN ALLOWS US TO PASS ON THE COST SAVINGS TO OUR CUSTOMERS. Customers branch from the average joe to high profile clients . Customers are not judged by how much they spend here at Slingin Ink, So every customer that we have the pleasure of meeting will receive the same friendly greeting when they walk in.