Sid Jeremy Maske

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Sid Jeremy Maske
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991 Lincolnway West
Osceola INDIANA 46561
United States

Professionally Piercing and Tattooing since the mid nineties.

I also have been doing various other body modifications on Body Mod Lovers across the globe such as Branding and Scarification (cutting) since 1994.

I have worked at various studios across the United States and I am very grateful for the many people I have got to not only work on, but also to get to know and help with there transitions in life.

Attended The Fakir Musafar Body Piercing Intensives in January 1999 to better improve my skills in my beloved industry,

Also attending several seminars and training courses ranging from various teachings for Tattooing, Body Piercing, Branding, Scarification, First Aid, OSHA and Bloodborne Pathogens Training.

I have learned a lot in this journey of life and I have made a lot of changes in myself and the way I live day to day. I plan to continue on a positive Path and learn as much as I possibly can!

I Currently work out of A&J Inkwerks Tattoo Co. located in South Bend, IN.