Branden Busche

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Branden Busche

124 Elm St
United States

I have always had a creative side to me, I learned to draw from my grandfather, He was a drafting teacher in the local area of where I currently live. I took Art in School, And have always had a passion of it. So I decided to pick up a tattoo machine, And start On Fresh Fruit. As I got Better, My father allowed me to tattoo him. He has never had a tattoo until this first one ,And to this day he has 7. So my friends started seeing my ink I have done on my father, so they would ask me for ink. Im like, well if you throw me like 10-20$ to reorder more ink and needles, then Heck yeah I'll tattoo you. Since Then I have been invited to work in Various Tattoo Studio/Parlor all over the United States, But I want to Stay LOCAL because of my father and my children. That's my life wrapped up all in a summary.