Jamie Cooley

535 W Clinch ave.
Knoxville TENNESSEE 37902
United States

  So I get asked alot how I got into Tattooing. The reality of that is, I was not really looking for it, it just fell into my lap. I was an airbrush artist for many many years. I was a professional BMX rider who managed a premier show team. I got injured pretty bad and decided to retire from riding completely. A friend of mine at the time was like you should tattoo. I did not think i wanted to hurt people for a living but said the hell with it. I sat down that day and tattooed a pinup girl on a guy whos car hood i had just painted. Well that was the beginning of a new life, passion, and all out obsession with Tattooing.

  My real passion in Tattooing is in a new school style of Japanese influenced imagery. I take my bold color approach and apply that to tradtitional japanese images. It makes for a very strong bright tattoo, that is easy to deifne from across a room. Some artists do not agree with my style,but, i am the artist i am. I do not think i create something that has not been done. I feel i just put my touch on a style that has stood the test of time.

  I am influenced by known Tattooers and unknown Tattooers. Here is a brief list of some of the people that I admire. Joe Capobianco, Jeff Gogue, Tony Ciavarro, Bob Tyrell, Jesse Smith, Chris Dingwell, Scotty Munster, and of course Timmy B. and Josh Woods from Black 13 in Nashville, TN...

  I spend everyday trying to perfect my craft and expand my skills. I understand how important a sense of tattoo history is, in order to fully appreciate my position in this career. People like Norman Keith aka "Sailor Jerry Collins", Don Ed Hardy, Lyle Tuttle, Mike Malone, WIld Bill, Stoney St.CLair, Mark Mahoney, Gil Montie, Tiger Jimmy, Painless Paul, Doc, and many many more have provided me with the ability toi carry on this legacy also known as Tattooing.

  I sincerely look forward to designing your next piece for you. Thank You for your trust and Business!


  Jamie C.