Tommy Gunn Snider

32654 Center Ridge Rd.
North Ridgeville OHIO 44039
United States

With over 13 years of shop experience and countless years of tattooing out of the house I have done nothing but tried to better myself day to day in my art. As a young child I was actually pushed into art due to my lack of structure and common sense. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio I was not only a troubled kid, I was plain rotten and over the years I have learned to express my self with my art instead of other outlets. As an adult everything seemed to fall into place for me and i became the artist that I should be. Granted i still learn day to day and I am by all means no better then the next artist. My art is my art and still take criticism from anyone. All I want as an artist is to become a better person not to mention artist and i push myself everyday to achieve that goal. I live by 3 standard rules, No drugs, No attitudes and do the best I can. I do not specialize in one type of art what so ever but i will say I like big full color tattoos the best. Ive been in the same shop now for over 4 years its called Body Stylz and its located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. So if your ever in the area and want to stop in and chat please do I'm totally down.. So enjoy!!!