Nick Harrison
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Blue Byrd Tattoo

1231 wayne ave
Dayton OHIO 45410
United States

Born and raised around the Dayton, Ohio area, I've been into art every since i could scribble in my moms coloring books. Coming from a partially artistic family I caught on very quickly when it came to artsy things. Art class being my strong suit in school it was only natural for me to join a vocational high school for graphic design where I then wasted no time in getting a job at Blue Byrd Tattoo Studios fresh out of school. Once I was lucky enough to join the top tattoo team in the Dayton/surrounding areas I began to apprentice under the likes of Josh Williams, Kevin Byers and of course the boss man and friend David Klaiber. Focusing mostly on a style I like to call illustrative realism, i also very much enjoy neo-traditional tattoo work as well and pretty much anything else thrown my way. I like to make it a point to stay well rounded. Years into tattooing I began to travel a get to know as many people as possible and was lucky enough to work with and learn from Kyle Cotterman as well. After years of bouncing around I eventually made my way back to my home shop at Blue Byrd.